Paulet 6th Form College – Burton & South Derbyshire | Sociology



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What will you study?

Different ways to view society

How to systematically study groups and institutions

Families and households


Crime and deviance

Media in society


2 years


The study of Sociology develops your ability to think critically about human behaviour. This skill alone is attractive in any future field. People who study sociology go on to have careers in journalism, education, social work, administration, research, the police and public relationships. Sociology is useful for any role that involves understanding how people and groups work together


Sociology is the systematic study of groups and organisations. Who really runs our society? Are we all in it together or are we in conflict with each other? What are we really being taught at school? What is the role of religion in modern society? What is the impact of immigration? If I want to study divorce should I interview a divorcee or look at the official statistics? Sociology is not common sense; sociology will give you the skills to look at your world in a completely different way.